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How Does a Packed Bed Scrubber Work?

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Posted on April 1, 2020
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A common type of wet scrubber that industrial companies use is the packed tower scrubber. Packed tower scrubbers, also known as packed bed scrubbers or packed column scrubbers, are a type of wet scrubber specifically designed for the chemical scrubbing of gaseous contaminants from airstreams. These scrubbers, when designed correctly, can successfully absorb and neutralize harmful and toxic gas streams, exhausting clean air into the atmosphere.

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Packed Tower Scrubbers

What makes packed tower scrubbers different than other wet scrubbers is the internal packing housed within the scrubbing vessel. This packing provides a large wetted surface where contaminated airflows come into contact with the device’s scrubbing liquid. Depending on the scrubbing liquid used and the gas contaminants involved, the liquid will absorb or react with contaminants in the airstream, efficiently removing them from your air. Alkaline, acidic, or oxidizing scrubbing agents are often used in the recirculated scrubbing liquid in order to achieve the desired outlet emissions.

For vertical, countercurrent scrubber operations, contaminated gas will flow upward through the bed of the vessel while the scrubbing liquid irrigates downward through the bed by means of gravity. At the top of the scrubber, a liquid distribution header evenly distributes the scrubbing solution to get a uniform distribution of liquid across the top of the packing. As the air moves up through the packing, the extended contact time between the air and the liquid allows the scrubber to absorb or react with the contaminants. Before the scrubbed air leaves the vessel, it passes through a mesh or chevron mist eliminator in order to remove any entrained droplets of liquid, ensuring that the outlet airflow is of the highest quality.

The components of your specific airstream and desired removal efficiency will be used to determine the features of the scrubber, including its bed depth, packing size, irrigation rate, and what chemicals are used.

Sly’s Custom-Engineered Solutions

Nobody knows packed tower scrubbers better than Sly. Rather than just giving you a generic scrubber, we know that your unique application calls for an equally specific solution, so we custom design our equipment for your needs. 

Once we know the specific requirements of your application, we can design a packed bed scrubber that will best handle your project. Sly’s custom-fabricated packed bed scrubbers are engineered to optimize tower diameter, packing depth, recirculation flow rate and mist eliminator style.

If you’re looking for a packed tower scrubber OEM that will work with you to make sure that you’re getting the best equipment possible, look no further than the team here at Sly.

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