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Sly Inc.’s Top 5 Most Viewed Videos of All Time

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Posted on July 13, 2016
1 minute read

Sly Inc. has a YouTube channel not only designed to showcase our products and company, but to provide tutorials and explanations on how to operate some of our basic offerings. Over the years, we have accumulated over 20,000  views. Here are our top five videos of all time from our YouTube channel.

1) Change a Diaphragm Valve Repair Kit by Sly Inc.

In this short video, Dave Mosinski explains the proper techniques and procedures to for changing an air pulse diaphragm valve. Any pulse jet dust collector has diaphragm valves which can either be single or double style. This is Sly’s most-viewed video of all time and provides a simple, clear explanation for a frequently asked question in air pollution control.

2) How to Measure a Top Load Filter Bag

In keeping with the tutorial spirit, Dave Mosinski is back again to demonstrate exactly how to measure a top load filter bag in order to obtain a quotation. The process requires capturing certain dimensions through various simple techniques that can be done in house.

3) Installation of a Top Load or Snap Band Style Tubular Filter Bag

This short video shows the proper technique for installing a top load (“snap band”) style tubular filter bag. This simple process involves inserting the bag and cage into the dust collector and using the grooves on the snap band to facilitate placement.

4) Start-up Procedure for a Dust Collector or Baghouse

Using appropriate start-up procedures with a new dust collector or baghouse system is important in extending the life of the equipment, especially the filter bags. This leads to lower costs and more efficient overall operations. In this video, Dave Mosinski explains these procedures and their benefits in the long run.

5) Sly Incorporated – About Us

This introductory video serves as an overview for Sly Incorporated by explaining the organization’s history and showcasing the special skills that make Sly stand out from other air pollution control companies. Sly is a solution-oriented, high-quality air pollution control company with customer needs in mind.

To inquire about any of the videos or to ask follow-up questions, contact Sly at 866-721-3545 and a representative will assist you.

To see more videos like these, visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/wwslyinc.

Tags: dust collection system, dust collector, Blog

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