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Sly’s Customized Dust Collection System Resolves AVEKA's Unique Predicament

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Posted on February 19, 2018
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impinjet mounted on drum dryer.jpgMost factories require dust collection systems for employee safety and compliance with environmental regulations. Sometimes there are a number of factors to consider, including unique challenges or restrictive space constraints. This was the case with AVEKA, who reached out to Sly for help with their dust collection system. 

Nearly 150 years of expertise in dust collection allows Sly to utilize their knowledge to design solutions for a wide variety of unique applications. Sly’s selected its Impinjet wet scrubber to solve this challenging problem 

AVEKA makes flavorings and additives for food, beverage, and nutraceutical needs using a drum/roll drying process that creates exhaust which includes food flavor particles and dust flakes from a liquid feedstock. They were having issues with material getting plugged up in the ductwork between the dryer and their previous wet scrubber.  

Sly’s solution was to eliminate the need for ductwork between the dryer and scrubber by mounting an Impinjet Scrubber system directly on top of the dryer. This was possible because of the Impinjet’s unique bottom entry design. To accommodate their height restrictions of 12 feet above the dryer hood, Sly custom engineered and manufactured the equipment to just over 10 feet.  

The system is effective for AVEKA’s situation. The Impinjet scrubber catches the dust flakes from the dryer exhaust before the air is vented outdoors. Collection efficiency of the Impinjet allows compliance with environmental regulations. Read the full feature article in this month’s Powder and Bulk Engineering magazine, Scrubber Cleans Airstream  

At Sly, we work closely with our customers to design the right solution for their specific needs. If you need help with a current dust collection system or need to design a new solution, contact us or request a quote. We’ll design the right system for your application.   

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