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Wet Scrubbers and the Environment

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Posted on April 30, 2014
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wet scrubbersWhen it comes to environmental awareness and conservation, businesses that utilize the newest wet scrubber and dust collection technology from Sly Inc are ahead of the curve. Wet scrubbers are one of the most effective modes of removing particles of air pollution from industrial exhausts. The dirty gases and particulate are “scrubbed” by water or another scrubbing liquid that traps the pollution and is then safely disposed of.

How Does a Wet Scrubber Work?

These systems are usually comprised of basic components that are specifically designed and tailored to a business’ application. Depending on the volume of emissions and the average density of particulate that needs filtering out, the size of the system will be determined by the experts of Sly Inc. The scrubbing vessel, ductwork, fan system, mist eliminator, pump and exhaust stack all make up the system, as well as dirty scrubbing liquid treatment or recycling components, depending on the requirements.

Refineries, chemical processing plants, manufacturers, metalworking outfits and many more industries utilize wet scrubber technology, as it collects both gas contaminants and dust particulate in one efficient system.

Impinjet Wet Scrubbers from Sly Inc

One of our most popular wet scrubber systems, the Impinjet is highly efficient at removing virtually all odors, harmful vapors and particulates, with low water consumption. Metal or plastic constructions are available, and depending on the particulate density of the exhaust, multiple stages of scrubbers can be implemented.

Venturi Wet Scrubbers from Sly Inc

The scrubbing liquid in the Venturi wet scrubber system is atomized, allowing it to effectively scrub mists and the finest particulate. The pollution reduction experts of Sly Inc specifically adjust the throats for design efficiency and removal optimization. These systems are ideal for high temperature, corrosive substances.

Eductor Wet Scrubbers from Sly Inc

High pressure liquid through a venturi throat is the design behind Sly’s Eductor wet scrubber systems. Soluble gases and particulate are removed by this gas flow, and used for direct-contact condensation. Sticky particulate or gummy particles are best removed from exhaust with the use of an Eductor system.

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Tags: B.H.A.G. Blog

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