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Which Wet Scrubber is Right for my Application?

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Posted on April 26, 2021

Are you considering using a wet scrubber to improve your facility’s air quality control? With high collection efficiencies, explosion risk mitigation, and the ability to remove both dust and gases/vapors in one system, wet scrubbers are great for a variety of industrial applications. Paring the perfect wet scrubber to the right application can lead to collection efficiencies of over 99.99% in certain instances.  

To see if a wet scrubber is right for your application, take a look at our Wet Scrubber Fact Sheet down below. This quick, one-page fact sheet will help you to determine if a wet scrubber is right for you, as well as which type of wet scrubber is best suited to handle your dust management needs.  




For more information, request a quick online quote today from our wet scrubber experts.  

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