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Infographic: How to Design a Dust Collection System

Dust collection systems are essential in many industrial facilities for adhering to clean air standards. Do you know the basics of designing a dust collection system?

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Preventing Dust Explosions: Considerations for Weighing Your Dust Control Options

Industrial dust explosions don’t “just happen.” Too many manufacturers don’t consider the combustibility of the dust their processes may be creating when weighing their dust control options.

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Avoiding Costly Baghouse Repairs: Dust Collector Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Following procedures and performing maintenance is essential to ensuring safety and performance in industries ranging from aviation to medicine; not surprisingly, it is also true for dust collection. To ensure that a baghouse continues to run efficiently and to protect people and equipment,...

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Dust Collector Sizing: What Size Do You Need?

A dust collection system is essential to any manufacturing process that creates nuisance or harmful contaminants in a confined environment. A dust collector filters particulates from factory air, collects the dust for disposal, and returns clean air to the environment. Alternatively, the dust...

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3 Reasons to Replace Your Dust Collector Filter Bags

Changing a dust collector’s filter cartridges or baghouse’s filters too early adds unnecessary expense and takes up maintenance time that could be better spent on more urgent tasks. Changing a filter too late runs the risk of exposing workers in the facility to hazardous dust and the potential...

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Design Considerations for Your Next Dust Collection System

The process of designing a system requires a comprehensive look at all of the specifics of the application and environmental requirements. The basic components of dust collection system design can be broken down into three areas:

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How to Monitor Baghouse Health Through Differential Pressure

Differential pressure measurements provide a reliable metric of baghouse performance. Just as a doctor uses a thermometer to check for fever, so too can maintenance personnel use gauges to measure pressure drop across a baghouse. When the differential pressure readings fall too high or too low,...

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The Baghouse Insider: Separating Dust from Air

Dust Removal: The Essential Function of a Baghouse

When an industrial process generates dust, that dust may become entrained in the air. A baghouse is the go-to solution for controlling airborne dust, also called particulates, for a healthier, more productive manufacturing environment with less...

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May 2018 — Sly, Inc., a 144 year old manufacturer of dust collectors and other air pollution equipment congratulates Carolina/Virginia representative office Whitlock Industrial Equipment for achieving the number one sales territory of 2017. Sly’s Wet Scrubber Product Manager Dwayne Sanders...

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Sly’s Customized Dust Collection System Resolves AVEKA's Unique Predicament

Most factories require dust collection systems for employee safety and compliance with environmental regulations. Sometimes there are a number of factors to consider, including unique challenges or restrictive space constraints. This was the case with AVEKA, who reached out to Sly for help with...

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